A Good Poop

We have a winner!

Hi everyone. If I could kindly direct your attention to my brand new sweet-ass (heh!) banner. It is the work of dude named Ranger Jay, which indeed is an alias. He has done a swell job and I am most pleased.

Thank you to all of you who submitted banners! I appreciate you taking the time to put something together for me. Now to try and get some actual blog content together.


  1. #1 Jacques
    April 21, 2008

    It’s so… well, how can I put this.


  2. #2 kevin
    April 21, 2008

    Sorry, I’m slow and/or visually impaired. So please do tell: is it a new font? A change in kearning? Oh, maybe you added anti-aliasing? At first I thought the background was just a shade less pure white, but now I’m thinking maybe it is really the font color went from #ffffff to #fefefe.

  3. #3 The Ridger
    April 22, 2008

    You have to go to the main page, not the individual post pages, to see that. And you should. It’s very cute.

  4. #4 Mike Fox
    April 23, 2008

    The new banner still isn’t up on any page but the home page. If you’re reading this comment, for example, you won’t see the new banner. Only on the main home page.

  5. #5 Chris
    April 23, 2008

    Okay, there we go. Thanks for the troubleshooting, folks.

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