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Gee, I bet you’re pumped, right? I’ll be doing little updates now and then if I hear anything interesting.

The opening lecture was by Dr Lee Hartwell (2001 Nobel Laureate) on science – particularly toxicology, of course – in the 21 century. There were a couple of interesting points that he made, particularly on how what we really need is better biomarkers and diagnostic tools that are subsequently validated in the clinic; not more therapeutics and devices. RIGHT ON! The drive for therapeutics and devices without better diagnosing tools is partially behind the rise in the cost of health care, particularly in the US. Dr Hartwell talked about the need to collaborate with single payer health systems (read: EU and Canada) to help validate these tools which would really help with patient care, quality of life, length of time to addressing health problems, and cost. This is really the only way as there is really no incentive for developing better diagnostic tools, especially compared to Rx and device development. That’s it for now.

If you see something on the schedule you’d like me to take a look at and report on let me know and I’ll do my best.


  1. #1 Liz C
    March 17, 2008

    Welcome to Seattle! I think the sun is coming out today.

  2. #2 sonyala
    March 17, 2008

    wow, what an offer! Our own private tox review service. I am not terribly interested in toxicology studies using the mini-pig, or the other technical parts. But I do look forward to your synthesis of the policy-relevant stuff. Oh, and the PBDE panel.

  3. #3 Jess
    March 17, 2008

    I’d be interested in hearing reports on any of the following…

    tuesday 1:30pm – mechanisms of pesticide toxicity

    thurs 7:30am – biofuel combustion: an emerging health problem?

    wed 1:30 – chlorotriazine herbicides and their common degradation products of concern: disposition and potential health effects

    or wed 1:30pm – immunotoxicology: t cells

    or wed 1:30pm – selective dopaminergic neurotoxicity: genetics and mechanisms

    I second the welcome to Seattle… it’s been pouring… but at least you aren’t here in Novemer. 🙂

  4. #4 AngryToxicologist
    March 17, 2008

    Will do my best to get to some of those. It is nice and sunny now; but even when it’s raining all the time, I love the Pacific NW (who doesn’t, right?)

  5. #5 marie
    March 17, 2008

    as much as i enjoyed hartwell’s opening at the plenary session, i had to chuckle a little during the genomic tools workshop session when the speakers argued exactly the opposite…specifically the bit about phenotypic expression of genomic changes.

    guess it all depends where you get your funding…

    as for suggestions, i have to second the pbde panel (and anything pop or biomarker related) because i might not get a chance to get to that one.

  6. #6 toxic avenger
    March 18, 2008

    Could you attend the SOT/EUROTOX debate this morning at 8:00? I would be interested in hearing your take on it.

    Also, I’d be interested in the nanotox sessions:

    1:00-4:30 Poster sessions: Nanoparticles Target Organs
    1:30-4:15 Workshop sessions: Dermal Toxicological Assessment of Nanomaterials and Nanodevices

    9:00-11:45 Platform sessions: Nanoparticles Cellular and Organ Disposition
    9:00-12:30 Poster session: Nanoparticles Inhalation and Respiratory Cell Injury
    1:30-4:15: Symposium session: Nanomaterial Pharmacokinetics

    9:00-11:45 Workshop sessions

    Any that you could attend would be greatly appreciated. My regulatory agency can’t afford to send me.

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