Applied Statistics

The following is the last paragraph in a (positive) referee report I just wrote. It’s relevant for lots of other articles too, I think, so I’ll repeat it here:

Just as a side note, I recommend that the authors post their estimates immediately; I imagine their numbers will be picked up right away and be used by other researchers. First, this is good for the authors, as others will cite their work; second, these numbers should help advance research in the field; and, third, people will take the estimates seriously enough that, if there are problems, they will be uncovered. It makes sense to start this process now, so if anything bad comes up, it can be fixed before the paper gets published!

I have to admit that I’m typically too lazy to post my estimates right away; usually it doesn’t happen until someone sends me an email request and then I put together a dataset. But, after writing the above paragraph, maybe I’ll start following my own advice.