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Garfield Minus Garfield

When Garfield is digitally erased from his eponymous comic strip, Jon’s life is somehow elevated to a minimalist tale of pathos, surrealism and irony – as this new blog proves: I think buying a monkey is a cure for boredom that most people don’t explore seriously enough. Especially if it’s a flying monkey. Via Blog…

The Museum of Food Anomalies

“Fetus Egg” The Museum of Food Anomalies If you’ve ever seen Darwin’s face on a piece of toast, or a midsaggital brain section in a Michelangelo, you’ll love MoFA, a repository of culinary pareidolia.

Klingle Ford Bridge Wreck, 1925 National Photo Company Collection Courtesy of Shorpy: proof that even in 1925, traffic on Connecticut Avenue was hell. This wreck occurred about a mile or so from my apartment, near the National Zoo. As a work of art, it’s uninspiring. But somehow its placement within my personal territory gives it…

Is that towel antibacterial, too?

Homeland Security Kitchen Towel Christy Rupp Labels for Genetically Altered Food Christy Rupp Artist Christy Rupp has created a small line of products designed to freak people out, in the hope that alarm will translate into environmental awareness. Let’s hope she’s right. At the very least, they’re pretty cool hostess gifts for fellow enviro-geeks. Shown…

From the mad taxidermist’s attic

Ron Pippin at Obsolete One of my favorite mixed-media artists, Ron Pippin, just completed a stunning wonder cabinet of a show at Obsolete Gallery. Browsing the interactive panoramas on his website is like tiptoeing through the workshop of a slightly unbalanced Victorian scientist.

What did you say that title was?

Well, this is funny. A new illustrated book about wax anatomical models – long one of my favorite topics – is about to be released. It’s called “Ephemeral Bodies.” Hey, did I write this book? I don’t remember doing it. . . but who knows, it’s been a crazy year. The blurb: The material history…

Give the man a Darwin Award

Ok, this story is not my typical blog topic, but it’s from my very own hometown – and so effectively illustrates why I don’t live there anymore.


I first saw these anatomical letters at Street Anatomy: Typeface Anatomy Bjorn Johansson Unfortunately artist Bjorn Johansson doesn’t seem to have completed the alphabet; these three specimens are all we find in the fossil record. But you can view another typeface, Handwritten, based on photos of hands, in his portfolio.

I am the Atom!

My friend mdvlst just reminded me that there is actually an obscure DC superhero with my name, and moreover, she’s a scientist superhero: Jessica Palmer is the costumed super-hero known as the Atom and hails from a parallel reality known as Earth-15. A child prodigy, Jessica first began studying science at age five when she…

The following is my most popular post, by far, from the “old” bioephemera (originally published Jan 5, 2007). I’ll do a repost each week for the next few weeks to give new readers a taste of the blog. . . Anatomical Teaching Model of a Pregnant Woman Stephan Zick, 1639-1715 Wood and ivory Kunstkammer Georg…