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Industrial Memories

Los Angeles Electric Isle Brooks Salzwedel Brooks Salzwedel’s solo show opened May 16 at the Tinlark Gallery.


My first thought on seeing the new Toyota Prius commercial was, “are those cells and membranes?!” No, they’re people in costumes, but the resemblance of the Prius’ cartoon world to a cell animation is pretty remarkable. The sun TOTALLY looks like it has transmembrane receptors on it. My second thought was, wow, this is perhaps…

Minimalist Sci-fi book covers

I love this line of covers for a UK publisher’s re-issue of sci-fi classics: their simplicity underscores the stark, anxious, fractured psychological underpinnings of futuristic fiction.

Edge of Loch, Scotland Jason Hawkes Phoographer Jason Hawkes specializes in aerial views that emphasize patterns in nature and manmade structures. While his Apartments, Hong Kong first caught my eye at io9, Edge of Loch, Scotland plays even more fascinating games with scale. Is that a closeup of a shoreline crusted with lichen, a crowd…

Another fabulously weird map, from the great blog Strange Maps. This one is entitled “The Man of Commerce” and dates to 1889. According to the American Geographical Society Library, The highly detailed 31″ x 50″ map/chart conflates human anatomy with the American transportation system, in an apparent attempt to promote Superior as a transportation hub.…

Students and laypeople alike often view biotech patents with baffled disbelief. How is it possible to patent bacteria? Mice? Cell types and DNA sequences? How can someone else “own” gene sequences that all of us have carried inside our bodies since birth?

I have a feeling that this is what Isis sees when she looks at a map. Only with sexier shoes, of course. From one of my new favorite blogs – Strange Maps. Thanks to Jake for the find.

This appears to be from a graphic novel called The Unknown. But I happen to think it’s the ultimate all-purpose illustration for every discussion of science policy ever. I want it on a T-shirt! via io9

Juxtaposition #6

The Bridesmaid 1851 John Everett Millais The Now Smash Of Style for Vogue Italia, via Haute Macabre May 2009 Craig McDean

Crayon Physics Review

A quick note: remember I blogged about Crayon Physics a while ago? Well, Adrian wrote a massive review of the game at his blog. While he has reservations, he concludes, Crayon Physics is worth more than a lot of other things you can buy for twenty American dollars, and it gave me days of genuine…