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Santa’s laboratory

A year or two ago in Washington, DC, I saw this charming series of windows in the downtown Macy’s. It’s a technical makeover of the traditional Santa’s workshop, complete with pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo like “Through Synchronous Siphonization, Gigglium added in 2:1 ratio to Teeheelium,” “Octopusilex arms begin extension/contraction/reaction sequence,” and “Once outspoutified, capillary action introduces .43…

My work here is done!

NPR now has its own science-meets-culture blog, 13.7: 13.7: Cosmos And Culture is written by five prominent scientists or science journalists with different fields and focuses. The five will write, as individuals and sometimes collectively, on the places where science and culture intersect, on all levels. The blog will at sometimes be provocative, controversial, amusing,…

Faster pussycat, kill kill

artwork by Ryan Abblegen, via iO9. (Since he was BoingBoinged, his etsy shop is all out of mechanized murder cards, so bookmark him for after the holidays).

Photo: Jana Asenbrennerova / The Chronicle SFGate has a great interview with Raven Hanna of madewithmolecules! I love Raven’s stuff an am thrilled to see her getting recognition.

Kiff Slemmons

“Insectopedia” Kiff Slemmons Self-taught metal artist Kiff Slemmons‘ classic series “Insectopedia” is a collection of metal pins fusing insects with typography. She’s also known for working with found objects like shells, stones and bones, as in the following pieces from her recent show with Kay Sekimachi at Velvet da Vinci in NYC: “Corallary 2 &…

A different kind of dirty bomb

A question I used to get fairly frequently is “what medical advance has saved the most lives?” Guesses usually include antibiotics, vaccines, and septic surgical method, but it’s probably. . . clean water. Not a medical advance, you say? Maybe not, at least the way most people think of medicine – but sadly there are…

Peter Parley’s Tales of Animals

Found on ebay: “Peter Parley’s Tales of Animals, containing descriptions of three hundred quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects. With numerous engravings.” Note to the Critics. This book is almost wholly a mere compilation; free use has been made, in preparing it, of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge, the Family Library, Wilson’s Ornithology, Gedman’s Natural…

Thanks – and keep up the good work!

Hey readers, since blogging about my holiday educational fundraising push, I’ve noticed that clicks and views are up – thanks to everyone for helping out! All BioE traffic through the end of December will help benefit CEF, a scholarship and grant program for kids in Washington state, so keep sharing those links! 🙂

Top ten easy science party tricks

Okay, so these tricks aren’t rocket science. But I think lighting and extinguishing candles remotely is a pretty entertaining diversion – definitely for an audience experiencing a post-holiday meal food coma. You can lecture them all about chemistry, and they won’t be able to flee! Bwahahahahaha! Good stuff. Then I found this “Extreme Physics Party…

Fiber-optic Wedding Dress

Dress by Alison Lewis, Photography by Carlos Linares III. Read all about it at iheartswitch.