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This is the best blog post ever. And read the comment thread – it’s totally worth it. Via many people.

Suppose you have a question about a new medication your doctor has prescribed to you. How do you find out more about it? You probably Google it, right? But what do you do with the list of results that come up, which is likely to include a Wikipedia page, a blog entry or two, some…

A quick plug for Fashion For Nerds, a fun blog by a San Francisco biologist with an eye for mixing thrift store finds. See? Living in the lab doesn’t mean you can’t have style.

Yoda, with his nymphs

Yoda Borguereau Mandrak An old link, but still a good one – the “Star Wars in classic art” digital fx (advanced) contest from And the sequel contest (not as good). And the third contest. (Let’s hope they’re more prudent than George Lucas, and stop at three!)

Awesome quote of the day

“There is no rest, really, there is no rest, there is just a joyous torment all your life of doing the wrong thing.” poet Derek Walcott, 1982 excerpted in Harper’s Magazine, February 2010

Jorge Cham’s PhD skewers the “wisdom of crowds” – and poorly done stats.

A tattoo for overachievers

Peacock Backpiece Paul Roe British Ink DC From the files: one unfortunate consequence of trying to cover all of last year’s Artomatic event in a single visit was that I didn’t get to explore British Ink’s faux-Victorian tattoo parlor. I don’t do tats myself, but how awesome is this? PS. This was not intended to…

AAAS Science Writing Internships

For minority undergraduates interested in careers in science writing: The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is proud to offer a summer internship program for minority students interested in journalism as a career and who want to learn about science writing. Experience what it’s like to cover the scientific and technological issues that…

Did you hear about the scio10 civility meltdown? More about that in a minute. As you may have heard, it got a bit. . . uncivil. I wasn’t there, so you, like me, will have to get your impression from this highly realistic renactment, created by an attendee who witnessed the confrontation between Nature’s Henry…

Here’s one for PZ: the lovely proprietress of Sea of Shoes shares two stunning, huge jeweled cephalopod pieces by Paris-based jewelry team Hanna Bernhard. These are some seriously impressive wearables. Many more photos at Sea of Shoes, plus a short interview with the artists.