IBM has a new commercial depicting the constant streams of medical biodata that can be gathered from a human body, and hopefully improve healthcare. In a shameless play to elicit warm fuzzies, they made it about very young babies:

Awwwww. With all the glowing data, it’s sort of like a baby TRON. And what’s with the virtual-data-baby-mobile? Is it made of giant diatoms, or what?

Wait. . . I know what this reminds me of. . . it’s a PLANKTON PARTY!

BTW, there’s also a “behind the scenes” clip of the IBM commercial, with the apparent sole purpose of giving the babies extra cute camera time. Bonus points, however, for when the director asks a nonplussed baby, “filmmakers are actually visualizing real data from your body. Do you feel an added pressure to make that data truthful and honest?”