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Monster with Heart

Yes, I cry at everything — Love Actually, holiday commercials, abandoned furniture on curbs — so what could I do to resist this little guy? Is he not adorable? He is also a letterpress card on sale at Blue Barnhouse. I just ordered several of him because I CAN’T HELP IT, he needs to be…


A classic tale of love and sacrifice, illustrated by Sean Bieri: While Bieri’s artistry technically depicts a Christmas story, it also nicely captures the undying-even-while-decaying-putrefying-and-hemorrhaging-IQ-points nature of true love. What more could you want for Valentine’s Day? (And let’s face it, we’ve all had Valentine’s Days that would arguably have been improved by a Zombocalypse.)…

I get mail with wonderful links in it, but I’m hard pressed to find the time to post them, so my apologizes to those who’ve sent me things and not heard back. I’m beyond swamped. In the meantime, perhaps you’ll enjoy these two nontraditional takes on “mapping.” First up, map as music (or is it…

Love, in its anatomical connections

From the Cold Spring Harbor Archive (click for larger image). From Micklos, The Science of Eugenics, pg 116 (1930).

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: the “Copulating Earthworm Necklace,” from heronadornment on etsy. Also love her anatomical heart locket.

Deep Sea Romance

“A Love Aquatic” letterpress notecards and posters by Sarah Adler on etsy.


Light Writing Proposal, by Derick Childress. Via Good. Congratulations, Derick and Emily.

our best friends

Boston’s fatorangecat studio has a wonderful blog where photographer Li Ward posts some of her most spontaneous work (like the time her furry subject got all tangled up with Cameron Diaz). Ranging from the absurd to the poignant, Li’s photos capture what we love best about our pets. (I’m pretty sure the cats above are…

Thoughts on fairy tales

From an essay by AS Byatt: As I grow older, the fact of the existence of the world’s huge compendium of changing and unchangeable tales seems to me more, not less, mysterious. How can they so steadily resemble each other, wherever they come from? How can they be so abstract and so concrete?

Check out this clever riff on vintage science books by Nate Wragg, one of a group of Pixar illustrators who teamed up to create the forthcoming Ancient Book of Sex and Science. Wragg says, A favorite series of mine is “The How and Why Wonder Books.” These were informational books that would focus on a…