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Just when I was wondering why there hasn’t been more mainstream coverage of the Jared Diamond/New Yorker lawsuit I blogged about at the beginning of this month, Columbia Journalism Review has an update. And in a recent article in Science, Diamond commented, saying “The complaint has no merit at all.” Oddly, the Science article (which…

The Diamond Mess

I was recently reading A Scientist’s Guide to Talking With the Media, a useful and clearheaded book by Richard Hayes and Daniel Grossman of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Emphasizing the importance of science outreach, Hayes and Grossman praise the pop-sci luminaries who followed in the footsteps of Carl Sagan: With his intriguing investigations into…

Beauty and the Bones

Richard Avedon, The New Yorker, 1995 Via Haute Macabre, an unbelievable fashion editorial created by Richard Avedon for the New Yorker. I have no words. Richard Avedon, The New Yorker, 1995 See the complete editorial at Haute Macabre.