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Welcome AL Direct readers!

I found out from a few different sources (thanks, all!) that my post about back-of-book indexes made it into American Libraries Direct yesterday. Welcome to any and all new readers! I hope you stick around. I’m going to tackle classification next?

A little Friday metablogging

Well, I’ve been here for about a month now, and I’ve quite enjoyed myself! (And I finally did send in my contract, Erin. Really. I did.) Thanks to all who have commented. (Well, except a spammer or two, but I got rid of them posthaste.) You’re a civil, engaged, and smart bunch, and I appreciate…

A something about me

I cringe. I’ve accepted an invitation to speak somewhere, and an email comes back asking me politely for a bio. Cringe. Every single time. It’s downright Pavlovian. I loathe, despise, abominate, and abhor writing professional bios. However. There’s a point to the exercise: situating myself in context, so that folk can decide whether I’m worth…

Back in a tick

I am reliably informed that there will be a server upgrade going on tonight, so ScienceBlogs will be down for the count until it is complete. While I’m gone, have a look at the goings-on around Jupiter, and think about what that means in an e-research context. I’ll be back with my thoughts!

Hello and welcome

I’m very pleased to welcome you all to The Book of Trogool, a brand-new blog about e-research. My name is Dorothea Salo, I’m an academic librarian, and I am fascinated with the changes that computers have wrought in the academic-research enterprise. I hope to explore those changes, and particularly library responses to them, in the…