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Back in Action

Whew. You may have noticed things have been quiet around here. There’s a reason. This weekend I drove to Slidell, Louisiana to be the best man at my friend Aaron’s wedding. He was my college roommate at LSU, and he’s about the best friend a person could ask for. After graduation, he’s gone on to help NASA test rocket engines at Stennis Space Center at roughly twice my salary. Huzzah for grad school!

Anyway the ceremony was very nice, and at the reception I met someone who recognized my name as a writer here at ScienceBlogs. What are the odds? But hey, fleeting fame is not such a bad thing.


Fig 1. Left to right – Your host, the groom, and the bride exchanging conversation following a toast.

The next day I was floored by what I’m guessing was food poisoning. Whatever it was was exceptionally unpleasant but by today it has subsided to a generalized soreness.

I’m back now. Sorry for the absence; the physics begins again tomorrow!


  1. #1 Kobra
    February 24, 2009

    So, I guess that makes your absence dedicated to chemistry?

    (Horrible pun. Move along.)

  2. #2 Bob Sykes
    February 24, 2009

    The only lasting, important thing we do in life is raise children. All of our publications and “discoveries” are forgotten within a year of publication, if they are ever read at all. All of our grad student advisees will disappear into some science hell. Can anyone imagine the utter anonymity of the thousands of scientists engaged at the large hadron collider. The only one who will ever be remembered is the schmuck who screwed up the heat generation/transfer calcs. The LHC may never run at full power.

    So, last weekend was time well spent on life’s important stuff. Don’t apologize for getting your priorities right.

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