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The accidental deity

Once again those feisty young fellows at Frink Tank have caused my withered ovaries to twitch with faint lust. As a Simpsonophiliac, casual (and sometimes cynical) Dawkins observer, and admirer of All Things Irreverent, I was sent over the edge by this blog gobbet from Not Shitashi. Crazy Cat Lady. Ha! I will never think…

Nothing lascivious about this specimen. This is the kind of flower you’d take home to meet mom, dad, the cousins and grandma. Cue Dusty Springfield…

35 Years Later and Still Sweaty

I decided to do something a little different the other day. This doesn’t seem to have much to do with science per se, but eventually perhaps it will. Just how sensitive are a musician’s “hands” to their instrument?

The Problem with Gregg Easterbrook, Redux

Jason over on EvolutionBlog has some interesting commentary regarding Greg Easterbrook and string theory. Like Jason, I find Easterbrook to be tiresome and a less-than-worthy commentator on topics scientific. I had written my own frisking of Easterbrook with respect to Richard Dawkins on a previous incarnation of the Refuge some time ago. It follows, below.

Ex Hume’d Commentary

I was reading David Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding the other day and came across a lovely item. Mind you, I tend not to wallow in philosophy texts, but I find the occasional jaunt into the realm a welcome relief from my usual reading in science and politics. Given the inevitable connection between religion…

Insects and plants co-evolved because insects are the marital aids of flowers. Magnolias entice beetles, apple blossoms seduce their bees, and orchids go to elaborate lengths to draw in horny wasps. But sometimes sex toys go bad and take eating out (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, say no more!) to an extreme.…

Quark-y Park

After living here for a couple of years, I’m still a stranger in the strange land of Einsteinville, and I continue to make small discoveries in this precious little community. One of these is Princeton University’s predilection for the confluence of art and science. The Lost Boys over at Frink Tank posted a thoroughly hootworthy…

Not Nearly Nerdy E Nuff

Well, well, we seem to have a bit of war, a tussle if you will, concerning who claims the mantle of most nerdy-worthy sci-blogger. After taking the test and giving it a bit of thought, I have come to the conclusion that the test is faulty (one might even argue that it is a Tower…

Nerd Goddess

Worship me, fools.

Those wacky vivisectionists!

From Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship: