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Holy moly. A pant-hoot and a vigorous grooming session go to Frink Tank for unearthing this pile of Christmongering termites.

Naked and Charitable in Iowa

Suppose you want to raise a little money for a charitable organization. Suppose you do it by spoofing the premise of a comedic Hollywood movie, having yourself be the butt of the joke. Finally, suppose that you live in the so-called moral heartland of America, say Iowa. What could possibly go wrong?

The latest Science Blogs hot topic on Dario Ringach’s decision to cease his research struck a Bushwellian nerve or two thousand. Here’s an excerpt from Predators Unleashed (see Investors.com, 8/24/2006). A group named Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty has reportedly posted on its Web site the home telephone numbers, addresses and the children’s schools of those…