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Secular Scorecard

If you’re like many SciBlog readers you probably have an interest in just how well your elected representatives are truly representing you, whether it’s concerning stem cell research, same-sex marriage, church-state separation issues, or what-have-you. For convenient one stop shopping, take a trip over to secular.org, specifically, to their congressional scorecard. You can see a country-wide overview, find the votes for individual representatives, and read details of specific bills. From the web site:

The roll call votes used by the Secular Coalition for America in these scorecards are designed to illustrate the commitment of our elected officials to the secular character of our government and the protection of freedom for all Americans.

It should come as no surprise that only seven reps in the House achieved a 100% rating (all Democrats). In contrast, 163 members of the House achieved a score of zero. Yes, zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Squatoomies. In the Senate, 50 members had the distinction of ranking either zero or one correct vote. The null-score Senators included throwback-Brownback of Kansas, the lunatic twins from Oklahoma (Inhofe and Coburn), and my favorite pair o’ pinheads, Cornyn of Texas and Santorum of Pennsylvania.