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Male chimps apparently dig older females as reported recently in LiveScience. Young chimpanzee tarts cause nary a second look from the guys according to Martin Muller, an anthropologist at Boston University:

“The stereotypical view of human mating involves males wanting to be promiscuous and females being coy, but in chimps you see young females being very interested in mating with all the males, maybe going male to male and presenting their sexual swellings, sometimes grabbing their penis and playing with them, and the males just ignore them…”

Older females are more desirable according to various behavioral measures. The reasons for the enhanced attractiveness are speculative at this point, but may be due to increased fecundity and proven robustness and mothering skills.

In the line of “human imitates chimp,” we have this supremely authoritative anthropological treatise from ABC News: Are More Older Women With Younger Men?

As the undisputed matriarch of the Chimpanzee Refuge, I must shrug and wonder, “What’s the big deal?”


  1. #1 oldhippie
    November 26, 2006

    “But now, it’s more positive ? describing women usually their in 30s and 40s, who are financially stable and mentally independent and looking for a younger man to have fun with.”

    Ok some of us have realized that realionships with women of our age or greater have more potential for interesting conversation and other benefits rather than going after young bimbos, who while superficially attractive, spend all their time worrying about whether their hair has slit ends, and whether their boobs can pass the pencil test. Can you then explain to me why women get more than passing satisfaction from young bimbs? (I am not sure that Bimb is the male version of a bimbo, but it will suffice).

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