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Four Degrees: Flower Porn to Hovind

After watching doc’s Friday flower porn (below), I saw a link to this. When it finished, I saw a link to this. And that led me to this. Yes, that’s Kent Hovind explaining that the Big Bang is a Big Dud, and he isn’t being self-referential. Here’s a link to the first part of the…

Friday Flower Porn: The Movie

All this needs is a wakka chikka wakka chikka soundtrack… This Paphiopedilum lowii was filmed by sameoldmike.

I moved from Cambridge MA about two and a half years ago but stay in touch with friends who still reside there. I try to visit my old ‘hood a few times a year. Cambridge is right up there with Madison WI as my city to which I’d most like to return. I was not…

Christmas Goose: Snow or Canada?

Living in central New York, and only a few miles from the Utica Marsh, the honking and flying V’s (not this) of the Canada goose are a common sight in the Fall, and perhaps it’s only a mild exaggeration to say they’re more common than red or yellow maple leaves. Early on Saturday mornings I…

Jingle my bells, baby! Figuring out what plant this floral naughty bit belongs to should be about as difficult as knocking back a hot steaming cup of solstice glog.

A Healthy Dose of Skepticism

With the latest Big Pharma debacle (“Hey, let’s shoot ourselves in the other foot”) from the Prozacasaurus’ overmarketing of Zyprexa (see Grrl’s, Jake’s, and David’s (addendum, 12/21) blog entries on the subject), this recent (and free access) article from PLoS Medicine: Educating Health Professionals about Drug and Device Promotion: Advocates’ Recommendations seems particularly relevant.

Motivate Yourself!

From the Despair.com do-it-yourself motivational poster generator, here’s a follow-on to the “Harsh Criticism: Help or Hindrance?” Ask a Science Blogger query. Thanks to my expatriate physicist friend, “Ludwig ‘The Swinger’ Boltzmann”, for allowing me to use his “game face” for this.

The $14,615 Head-Spinning Workout

Every now and then I come a cross an advertisement that makes me say “What the #&$!?” I have seen the ad for the ROM machine in the back of Scientific American for some time but I never bothered to read it. Until yesterday. Then I went to their website. Yeow. My head is still…

But First…Roo-Roo!

Re: Ask a Science Blogger – Harsh Criticism, Did It Help or Hinder? Warning. My response contains offensive material. Oh, you’re not surprised? Well, OK, this is the Chimp Refuge. You already know that there are piles of bonobo scat everywhere. So let’s get to steppin’ and squishin’… During my first “real” job out of…

This fearsome beast is a Puya raimondii, a member (har) of the pineapple family. The specimen was photographed by an unknown (to me) botanist in the high Andes of Peru. Hat tip to my wandering co-blogger, Kevin “Just Me, My Banjo, and My Bonobos” Beck, for sending this along.