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Archives for December, 2006

Hot or Not?

Wait! Don’t answer that just yet. Please allow me to give myself a little Q&A pertaining to issue of “proportionately fewer hot women read sci-fi and fantasy.” Q1. So tell me, Me, do you read sci-fi & fantasy? A1. Well, not so much lately. Q2: How about your past flirtations with the genre? A2: I…

Science: Get Jiggy Wit It!

Peter Doherty (no, not that Babyshambles creature, but the Nobel Laureate) laments the use of pop music to teach science in the Australian school system. That and other mushy encroachments in the Queensland science curriculum, as reported in Pop songs are weird science would make it appear that like the US, science education in Oz…

Ever the provocateur, Christopher Hitchens tells us

I don’t care if what kind of mono-, pan-, or a-theist you are. This here is funny. Thanks to my best friend, who originally hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for calling my attention to boymongoose’s new video.

Hat tip to Keith N. for calling my attention to Isabel Cuadrado’s lovely photos.

On Wisconsin!

I’m a card-carrying member of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, and as such receive the glossy production, On Wisconsin, quarterly. Usually, the mag offers light reading and occasional updates on faculty, staff and fellow former classmates. However, an article published in the Summer 2006 volume, Putting Faith in Science (in pdf format) resulted in a flurry…

Shopping Mall Disembeardings

A follow-on to Kevin’s Krisped Kringle: See Tim Kreider’s “The Pain” in our links to the left (Humor category); the original is in the archives, Dec. 21, 2005.

Friday Flower Porn: Eating Meat

These meat puppets are some sorta Sarracenia, and reside in the Haupt Conservatory at the NY Botanical Gardens. Check out The International Carnivorous Plant Society’s web site for more tasty tidbits.