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Apparently, Not Enough

I mentioned the intense amount of snowfall in Redfield, NY the other day (131″ record breaker event, and enough for the Colbert Report to quip that there was so much snow that identical flakes were beginning to fall). Well, we’re all getting pelted again (like the rest of the Northeast), but when you already have so much on the ground, a storm of this magnitude is just, well, goofy.

Consider some of the following links. Here’s a list of closings in my town. The list does not include schools and similar public buildings (every single one is shut down). Kinda funny that so many churches are shut down. You’d think they’d be praying for divine snow removal. (Or do they only have faith in snowplows, salters, sanders, and four-wheel drive?). Nearby, I saw a report of a mini-avalanche blocking part of route 51 in the Ilion gorge to the east of Utica. Here’s a link to a bunch of traffic web cams in the Albany area. Click on the camera icons for a pic. At the time of this posting, no asphalt can be seen.

It’s time for me to go out for round two of snow removal. Good thing I filled up the gas can for the snow blower last night.


  1. #1 llewelly
    February 14, 2007

    The enviromentalist conspiracy is hard at work (using Cold-War Soviet Weather Control Tech invented by Nikola Tesla) moving snow from areas where global warming is doubted to areas where it is believed.

    Yeah, you heard that right – the snow you’re getting is just another part of the HOAX OF GLOBAL WARMING.

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