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Newton’s Dark Secret

PBS/Nova ran a show on Sir Isaac Newton the other night entitled Newton’s Dark Secrets. Interesting though it was, for years I have claimed that Sir Isaac’s true “dark secret” was that he learned how to travel through time. Yep. Right up to the 1970’s. He wanted to be a rock legend…


“Newton, Lake and Palmer” just doesn’t cut it though.


  1. #1 Bill from Dover
    May 2, 2007

    And all this time I thought he surreptitiously invented the fig. Oh well…

  2. #2 Alan Kellogg
    May 2, 2007

    He had the ego for it.

  3. #3 sdc
    May 12, 2007

    Had he traveled through time to be a rock star, he could have gotten laid, which would have been nice for him.

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