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Archives for August, 2007

Behe on Colbert Report

It’s short, but mildly amusing in a dumb, almost pitiful sort of way. Behe tries to come off as a serious scientist but he may as well just put a cracker box over his head and drool conspicuously.

God’s Identity Revealed

It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet. Yes, it seems that God has written an autobiography. Apparently, God’s name is Thomas O’Donnell. Not really much more I can add to that, except that author O’Donnell also goes by the name Jesus and Satan. Is it a tad presumptuous to pen “autobiographies” of this…

What? Me Worry?

Here’s a nice article by Froma Harrop on Real Clear Politics. The upshot is that all is not well in the Heartland, that there is a growing unease in America, and it’s not just about Iraq. Consider the opener: Now and then, a conservative columnist wonders why Americans have grown so sour about the country’s…

Super Low THD+N

On the audio front, National Semiconductor, long a player in analog semiconductors, has announced a couple new op amp families producing a total harmonic distortion plus noise spec of 0.00003%. These devices are aimed squarely at higher end audio applications and also offer a very low voltage noise spec of 2.7 nanovolts per root-Hertz with…