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Summarily Flogged by a Chimp

From Lumosity Brain Games: Are you as smart as a chimp? Ayumu is a 7-year-old chimpanzee… Can you beat Ayumu in this memory test? Inoue and Matsuzawa from Kyoto University used the ‘limited-hold memory task’ to show that their chimps can out-perform college students. Watch Ayumu, then take the test… to see if your memory…

Fun With Bible Quotes, Part 67

The other day I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine about politics. And of course, what mixes better with politics than religion? There was a mention of the stances of various presidential candidates with regards to homosexuality, and I said that in Leviticus it states that if a man lies with another…

“Miracle” Heater

Our Sunday newspaper magazine section features a two page ad for a new “miracle” heating device that looks like a fireplace and features a “hand-crafted Amish mantel”. Check this out: The HEAT SURGE miracle heater is a work of engineering genius from the China coast, so advanced you simply plug it into any standard wall…

Obama, Reagan and Change

Suppose you’re driving down the highway at 70 MPH due west to a destination some 100 miles distant. Which of the following constitute “change”? Speeding up to 85. Stomping on the brakes. Leaving the highway to travel due north at 30 MPH through a freshly mowed field. Swinging the car around and proceeding due east…

Luskin’s latest “overrun” by angry “dinosaurs.”* * Refresh (within the link) by clicking “Go” in top menu bar. Select the web site of your choice for mayhem and destruction here. ETA: This comes with sound effects! Be sure to turn on the volume your computer’s speakers. Up to 11.

Al Franken’s TV Ads

Check out Al Franken’s ads for his Senate bid. It would be nice to have an intelligent, thoughtful (and humorous) voice in Washington. If he lived in New York State I’d vote for him.

Judah Folkman: 1933-2008

Judah Folkman, a most extraordinary scientist, died Monday at age 74. Orac (Respectful Insolence) posted a fitting tribute which I highly recommend. See also Alex’s (Daily Transcript) entry and this New York Times article. Thanks to the intricate academic vascular network between Harvard and Boston biotech, Folkman visited the company in Cambridge MA for which…

Diabolical Interpretation

Two juicy grubs were found wiggling recently in the Chimp Refuge inbox: one on an offensive vanity license plate and the other on severing appendages for the Lord. After reading my post on Air Guitar Hero Cranks It to 11, correspondent J.M. of California passed along this tale of hilarity.

Hook, Line and Pat Condell

Here’s a lovely new item from Pat Condell entitled “Hook, Line and Rapture”: My favorite bit involves Pat talking to God in a dream about a bible: “I said ‘What bible? That’s just a blank sheet of paper.’ and he said ‘Yeah, this is the non-fiction version’”.

So I dusted off the Pitiful and Laughable Intelligent Design Creationist Dissemblers links today and found a classic Luskinism in which Casey takes Nature to task for its brown-shirted propaganda campaign to defend evolution at all costs (scroll down to sidebar for link).