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Archives for March, 2008

One of the guilty pleasures of my sabbatical from the dark halls of Pharma-dur is the freedom to take in a movie on a weekday afternoon. There’s just something special about sitting in a theater of the local googolplex with maybe three to ten other people and watching a new release on the big silver…

Facts and Theories

Due to a conversation regarding facts and theories on a message board I sometimes visit, I decided to write a short item for my students answering a simple question: “If a fact is fundamentally true, isn’t it better than a theory?”

Those Daylight “Savings”

Once again, Daylight Savings Time is upon us, and this year it’s arrived earlier than ever. Undoubtedly, you’ll hear someone mention the supposed energy savings due to the earlier switch-over, but I’ll counter that with an item from The Chimp Refuge’s closet of past goodies: Don’t Bank on This Savings.

An Experiment of One (Water Version)

It has been said that running training and the resulting personal performance level is an experiment of one. While there are certain general training characteristics to which all humans undoubtedly respond, the speed and level of adaptation to a specific training stimulus vary from individual to individual. Further, there is little doubt that the individual’s…

A conversation with a fellow raptor fan and Kevin’s recent entry pertaining to the injured bald eagle congealed and triggered a few of my geriatric neurons, prompting the following nostalgic reverie about a former pet: an American kestrel.