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Old folks tend to repeat themselves, so bear with me if this is redundant. A cursory search of Science Blogs turned up a comment in response to Razib’s post in Gene Expression that calls attention to the video of Sean B. Carroll’s 2005 HHMI Holiday Lecture on Charles Darwin and the development of the theory of evolution. Carroll is an excellent speaker. He aims the topic toward high school students in this accessible and enjoyable seminar. The video (below the fold) is ~ 1 hour in duration, but well worth the time.

ETA: Thanks to commenter Chris for pointing out that DVDs for a number of the HHMI lectures are available here. I just subscribed to the podcasts myself.


  1. #1 Chris Harrison
    April 23, 2008

    It’s worth pointing out that this (and other) DVDs are available for free from the HHMI.

    That one is from the Constant Change and Common Threads video:

  2. #2 Doc Bushwell
    April 23, 2008

    Chris, thanks for the nudge. I have edited the entry to include a link to the HHMI Biointeractive site.

  3. #3 scoop
    April 23, 2008

    The Enlightening Ramray Bhat: Origin of Body Parts

    Stuart Newman, The New Master of Evolution?

    Stuart Newman’s “High Tea”

    Theory of Form to Evolution Center Stage

    Altenberg! The Woodstock of Evolution?

    The Invite — “Altenberg 16” Evolution Summit

    Richard Dawkins Renounces Darwinism As Religion

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