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Dole, Hagan and Halloween

So North Carolina Democratic hopeful Kay Hagan is suing Elizabeth Dole over a TV ad in the race for US Senate. I really have mixed feelings about this story. The implication is that Hagan is an atheist (or at the very least is strongly associated with atheists) and that’s patently untrue as she is an…

Celestial fishpot

Yeah, yeah, so you’ve seen this before. I still found it amusing. Hat tip to a dedicated Bertie fan in Ireland. My favorite: (Intelligently designed by Patrick Quigley and submitted to Inkling Magazine’s Design Your Own Darwin Fish.)

Flipping Tickets

Given the same players, how would changing the presidential tickets influence your vote? For starters, consider swapping the president and vice-president seats. A Biden/Obama ticket probably wouldn’t change my overall view of the ticket. That is, there are some things I like and dislike about Obama and some things I like and dislike about Biden,…

Curious George

My seventeen year old daughter is keenly interested in politics and political figures so I wasn’t surprised that she wanted to see Oliver Stone’s biopic W. We saw it on Friday night in an almost full theater. In a nutshell, the movie was entertaining in a squirm-in-your-seat fashion. Josh Brolin (l) [No Country for Old…

Maybe he could’ve considered another name for the business though.

Caption This!

Do your best to find a good caption for this picture. What is it about these blue and white signs? Hmmm, let me think…let me think…. There’s a theme here…. Yes, the first thought into my head was “Ah, this must be the Fantasy Corner.” You betcha!

Sub Two Hour Marathon, EVER?

A very interesting read in the Guardian today regarding the possibility of humans ever running a sub two hour marathon. This speculation always crops up when the marathon record is broken, most recently by the venerable Haile Gebrselassie who last week brought the mark down to 2:03:59. The discussion always divides into the “No, never!”…