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Archives for February, 2009

My Illinois homeboy, Philip Jose Farmer, died on Wednesday Feb 25. Please find linkage here: the obit in the New York Times and the announcement at his website. From the NYT: Philip José Farmer, a prolific and popular science fiction writer who shocked readers in the 1950s by depicting sex with aliens and challenged conventional…

Defar Breaks 5000m Indoor Record

Meseret Defar of Ethiopia ran 14:24.37 in Stockholm to break the women’s 5000 meter indoor mark, lowering it by over 3 seconds. It is worth noting that this formidable run was performed on a track well short of the 200 meter indoor “standard” found in many colleges and universities, and thus displays tighter corners. Details…

Louie Bellson, RIP

Sad news for the drummers and jazz lovers on SciBlogs. Jazz drumming legend Louie Bellson passed away unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day. Some details here. Update: Here’s a short bio video with some nice bits of Louie playing and some rather unique kit layouts.

I <3 Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Nabbed via digg, check out this clip of NdGT’s wonderfully acerbic commentary on the Day of Doooooooom! That is to say, December 21, 2012.