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I have been known to display my love-hate relationship with spiders here on the Refuge. Knowing my ambivalent feelings toward arachnids, on-line droogs have shared photos of a couple of cool orb weavers, the type of spider I like, versus the lycosids which freak me out. Spider porn below the fold…

Another Orb Weaver

One of my spawn attempted to take a photo of our household araneidid. He eschewed the flash because he didn’t want to frighten the spider, so the photo is blurred. However, the colors and patterns of the charlotte can be discerned and are kinda striking.

I Get Mail: Arachnoterror!

Found scuttling around in my docbushwell at gmail inbox: Needless to say, I was slightly disturbed when greeted with those images. My learned correspondent wrote the accompanying letter: Dr. Bushwell: My research has confirmed existence of several genera of the wolf spider Pardosa (Araneae, Lycosidae), such as the rabid wolf spider Rabidosa (Araneae, Lycosidae) and…

The Dance of the Jumping Spider

This deserves to be highlighted. Hat tip to Lorri Talley (see comments in Orb Weaver entry). I give you… The Mating Dance of the Jumping Spider! “I have the best pedipalps of them all! The very best. With my little dance, I will hypnotize you into wanting them. Yes, my darling, wanting them!”

Name That Orb Weaver!

Since Labor Day weekend has passed, it’s time to put away those white shoes and to take note of the late summer orb weaver spiders. Orb Weaver spiders are members of the Araneidae family. These include the ubiquitous yellow and black garden spider and familiar genera such as Mangora spp. and Araneus spp. When my…

Mighty Mite Sex Returns!

If it’s about spiders and sex, it’s gotta be Live Science! Well, to be accurate, the critters are not spiders, but mites from the family Crotoniidae. These mites reproduce sexually, which is not much of an eyebrow raiser until one considers that their close relatives, the Camisiidae, reproduce by parthenogenesis.