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This fearsome beast is a Puya raimondii, a member (har) of the pineapple family. The specimen was photographed by an unknown (to me) botanist in the high Andes of Peru. Hat tip to my wandering co-blogger, Kevin “Just Me, My Banjo, and My Bonobos” Beck, for sending this along.

Hat tip to Keith N. for calling my attention to Isabel Cuadrado’s lovely photos.

Friday Flower Porn: Eating Meat

These meat puppets are some sorta Sarracenia, and reside in the Haupt Conservatory at the NY Botanical Gardens. Check out The International Carnivorous Plant Society’s web site for more tasty tidbits.

I see that ol’ amino acid chestnut, Mr. W, who also goes by the moniker of tryptophan, is making the “science of Thanksgiving” rounds here at SB. Over at Chaotic Utopia, Karmen offers a very nice piece on the science of concocting an exquisite gravy. But what good is a gravy worthy of peer review,…

From The Trenton Tepal: The White Hand of Saruman recently retired to an herb garden in downtown Princeton, NJ. The White Hand said, “A symbol of corruption and evil can only take so many years of being slapped on the shields and other accoutrements of mage-domination. I am happy to have found my retirement home…

Friday Flower Porn: Carnivale!

Strap a thong bikini on this baby, cue the sultry bossa nova stylin’s of “The Girl from Ipanema,” then sit back and sip your caipirinhas. Canna lilies are a familiar cultivar in many gardens, and add a tropical flair in temperate climates. They belong to the family Cannaceae and are its sole genus. Cannas, which…

OK, this is less than subtle. This is some sort of Anthurium, and also resides in the Haupt Conservatory at the NY Botanical Garden. The spadix is characteristic of the family Araceae (arums).

Spiked for your pleasure… These rampant beauties are specimens of Echinoposis strigosa and reside in the Haupt Conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden.

…like an Austrian pop star’s music video (ca. 1982).

Nothing lascivious about this specimen. This is the kind of flower you’d take home to meet mom, dad, the cousins and grandma. Cue Dusty Springfield…