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World’s Largest LED Chandelier

How does a 7000 pound, 35 foot diameter chandelier using high-brightness LEDs sound to you? Well that’s what was installed the other day at the Stanley Theatre in Utica, NY. The manufacturer, Meyda Tiffany based in nearby Yorkville, claims that it is the world’s largest LED chandelier. Here are details from the local newspaper and…

Summarily Flogged by a Chimp

From Lumosity Brain Games: Are you as smart as a chimp? Ayumu is a 7-year-old chimpanzee… Can you beat Ayumu in this memory test? Inoue and Matsuzawa from Kyoto University used the ‘limited-hold memory task’ to show that their chimps can out-perform college students. Watch Ayumu, then take the test… to see if your memory…

Luskin’s latest “overrun” by angry “dinosaurs.”* * Refresh (within the link) by clicking “Go” in top menu bar. Select the web site of your choice for mayhem and destruction here. ETA: This comes with sound effects! Be sure to turn on the volume your computer’s speakers. Up to 11.

Al Franken’s TV Ads

Check out Al Franken’s ads for his Senate bid. It would be nice to have an intelligent, thoughtful (and humorous) voice in Washington. If he lived in New York State I’d vote for him.

Hook, Line and Pat Condell

Here’s a lovely new item from Pat Condell entitled “Hook, Line and Rapture”: My favorite bit involves Pat talking to God in a dream about a bible: “I said ‘What bible? That’s just a blank sheet of paper.’ and he said ‘Yeah, this is the non-fiction version’”.

Dawkins Going to the Bible Belt

Richard Dawkins is heading to the US heartland for a series of speaking engagements: He is to address a series of 2,000-seater venues in the American heartlands. The tour will coincide with the publication of his best-seller The God Delusion in paperback in the US in January and act as a prelude to a series…

Graph Your Daylight

Given the arrival of winter solstice, you might be interested in this. It graphs sunrise, sunset, length of day, angle of sun, and other items given your location. And although most people may be aware that winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight of the year, I’d guess that not many are also…

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur

Arthur C. Clarke is 90 today. He has three wishes: Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke listed three wishes on his 90th birthday Sunday: for the world to embrace cleaner energy resources, for a lasting peace in his adopted home, Sri Lanka, and for evidence of extraterrestrial beings. Like many of my generation I first…

The Sudan Teddy Bear Flap

A new Pat Condell video regarding the “inappropriately named teddy bear” fiasco in the Sudan. As usual, it’s vintage Condell:

“What a waste of an Enlightenment”

Pat Condell answers some critics in the atheist community regarding so-called “hard line” atheist arguments to believers in the supernatural. It’s six and a half minutes well spent: