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Hubris, Justly Rewarded

Some of you will remember that I was whining a few weeks ago that I had snow envy – that I was jealous of the snow folks in the mid-Atlantic were getting, while we Northeasterners, who have come to expect snow, go nothing. Even on the day when there was snow in 49 out of 50 states, my neighborhood didn’t get a single flake.

Well, I should have realized that hubris is always properly rewarded – we’re expecting to get 26 inches of snow, a couple of ice, some rain, some sleet, wind gusts up to 60mph and etcetera and etcetera over the next four or five days.

My kids are ecstatic – sledding! Eric is not so ecstatic, since SUNY Albany almost never closes and getting there is likely to be an adventure. Me, I figure that I waved my fist at the sky and demanded to be struck by lightning (well, snow) and I’m getting my just desserts. Sorry to the millions of others who will be punished by the snow fairies along with me ;-).

This, of course, means that the odds are that several of those days will be without power. The reality of living out in the country is that outages in weather (and occasionally for no apparent reason) are normal. So we’re hauling in wood, filling the water containers, pulling in hay and getting ready to keep all cozy without the grid. I hope the rest of you are staying warm as well! And a piece of advice – never anger the snow fairies!



  1. #1 I like snow
    February 23, 2010

    Hey cool! I’m also at SUNY Albany (ecology grad student). Fortunately they know how to handle a mere 28 inches of snow in upstate NY.
    I’ve been in snowshoe withdrawal for the past month. with no snow in the Albany Pine Bush, or any other nearby park, it’s the Adirondacks, Catskills, or Green Mtns, all an hours drive at least.

    Thanks for joining Science Blogs. best new blog here in a long time. I’ve added pretty much your whole blogroll to my RSS feed. Nice to know you’re local (to me anyway) too.

  2. #2 Apple Jack Creek
    February 23, 2010

    Snow is awesome. A cold winter with no snow is just … depressing.

    Being snowed in can be disruptive, true, but I secretly look forward to having it happen once or twice a winter. It’s so nice being home, with the bright clear sunshine and all that sparkling snow outside … or even with it coming down in huge piles of flakes, making everything disappear under perfectly sculpted mounds of snow.

    A fire in the stove, everyone at home, and the critters all fed … that’s a good day, in my books! Enjoy yours!

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