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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Like how classily your blogiste introduced her co-bloggers before they put up their first posts? How gracefully I’ve managed to make everything work? Yeah, me neither.

I must plead sleep deprivation and exhaustion – since I arrived in Washington at 3am on Thursday morning, I’ve not had time to touch my computer – I’ve been going at a dead run. Or I was running until I started drinking wine on an empty stomach in the early evening, after which it probably wouldn’t have been a great idea to either run or type. I’m sorry. Bad blogiste!

Anyway, let me belatedly both thank and welcome my three co-bloggers who are way more together and awesome than I am. You’ve already met John Bell and Molly Davis, and there’s a third, Niepolski, who will be joining us as we go along.

So please be welcoming, and I promise there will be good stuff coming from me later. I had a whole 3 hours sleep last night, and as of 8:21am, am 100% wine-free ;-), so I’m cheerfully optimistic for greater coherence and maybe even time to write.



  1. #1 Don
    October 8, 2010

    In vino veritas, Sharon!


  2. #2 Michelle
    October 8, 2010

    Party ON, girlfriend!

  3. #3 sikiş
    October 8, 2010

    dollar yükseliyormu ne oluyor onu söyle

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