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What It is Like To be Me, Lately

A blog is a window into the intellectual world of its owner, I’m reliably told by people who think about this stuff. That’s what’s so compelling about the good ones – again, so I’m told.

So here’s what’s been going through my intellectual world lately….



You know that screen saver that bounces the ball across your computer screen. That’s about it, here. I’m having a slow period – busy with other things, easily distractable and probably experiencing some measure of late fall shut down as I go into hibernation mode.

Fortunately, The Onion, as always provides useful insight, this time into what it is like to be someone whose brain is supposed to be accomplishing something, but is in screensaver mode:

It’s not like I came in planning to goof off all day. In fact, I had a pretty full schedule: 9 to 10:30, think about poverty; 10:30 to 12:30, think about chemical weapons; 12:30, lunch at desk, brainstorming exercises; 1:30 to 4, think about alternative energy; 4 to 6, think outside the box. But what did I do? Sat around with my thumb up my ass.

What is wrong with me?

For someone who’s been at the think-tank game as long as I have, this routine should be old hat. I should be able to waltz in with some kind of plan to fix Social Security, evaluate nuclear disarmament for a couple hours–the usual stuff. As it is, if I don’t develop a couple new strategies for more efficiently disbursing foreign aid–or something–pretty quick, I’m gonna be stuck here all goddamn night.

I’ve had, what, two, maybe three thoughts all day? Oh, yeah, this was a doozy: “bigger airplanes.” Nice one, asshole. What a retard! Why did I even write that down?

Dammit, Strobe, that’s not going to cut it. Not at a think tank. Not at the Brookings Institution. Think, man, think!

I’m just glad I’m not that guy, and nobody in power really cares about what I do think of ;-).



  1. #1 Don
    October 31, 2010

    It must be because it’s election season. Political ads and such tend to thwart attempts at intellectual exercise. At least that’s what’s happening around here, and I can’t imagine it’s much different where you live.

    It’ll all be over soon, so there’s hope!

  2. #2 Alice Y.
    November 1, 2010

    Some of the Pagan/Druid folks I know declare the year over at this point, and go into “No time” until the New year 01/01. Good sense I think. Everyone needs a bit of space sometimes. I think our fossil-fuelled economy makes it hard for us to take time out enough to do the kind of recreation where we really can “recreate” ourselves.
    Bit more space for creative play needed? For some people it’s the sunshine to recharge the mental batteries. Maybe your novel-reading will work that way. Julia Cameron’s ‘Artist’s Way’ has some great suggestions for creative recreation which I really like, tho’ doesn’t work for everyone, obv.

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