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As the seasons change towards chilly days, a young (kinda, if you look at her sideways) woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of thrumming. Coziness abounds.

What the heck is a thrum? Well, it is knitting technique that mixes little bits of cozy warm fleece into your knitting to create the warmest possible mittens. Check out the Yarn Harlot’s thrumminess.

The advantage of this technique is that it is incredibly warm. It also makes awesomely cute mittens for adults or kids (especially kids) that are suited to hours spent in the woodlot, on the farm, on the sledding hill or ice skating. For those of you who never have warm extremiities during the winter, this is the trick for you.

It also makes fine use of extra fleece for those of us who have some lying around and haven’t gotten to our spinning wheels as often as we should recently.

Thrumming is also the sound a happy ruminant makes, I’m pretty sure – or that matter, a happy blogiste, with a cat on her lap, some mittens in her hands, and a mug of hot mulled cider next to her.



  1. #1 D. C. Sessions
    October 10, 2011

    My operative definition of the start of “autumn” is when warm feels good. It happened just last week, when I realized I was holding a cup of coffee for the warmth.

    Have a snuggly winter, Sharon.

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