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UMASS Permaculture Garden

I got to see it back in November when I gave a talk to a class at UMASS – next time I go there I’m asking for payment in cuttings ;-).

Neat videos of how it came together:


  1. #1 Greenpa
    February 26, 2012

    weeeellll. Ok, they have great enthusiasm. I think they’re a little out of touch (what! in Massachusetts?) though in thinking how “firsty” they are. For example; my alma mater:

    georgejonesfarm (dot ) org

    That launched in 1998. 70 acres. Not on campus; but they have on campus stuff, too.

    It is, indeed, good to see the renewed enthusiasm for dirty-hands sustainable work. I was talking at the Sustainable Farming Assoc. of MN annual meeting last week, and one of the outstanding features was the considerable number (10ish) of youngsters there who were launching their own small farms. As opposed to zeroish, a few years ago.

  2. #2 Bernand
    February 28, 2012

    … and next time you go, you’ll have a place to stay at Amethyst Farm — our new home partly inspired by your “Finding your Place” class.

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