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Want the Story on Shale Gas?

Check out ASPO-USA’s first webinar, with Art Berman. Note that full membership will get you the whole webinar series. It is coming up on Thursday, so don’t delay! Sharon

Light Posting This Week and Next

Your blogiste will be getting ready for Passover, spring planting and travelling to visit family. So don’t expect too much from me. I’ll be back to normal mid-week next week, by about the point that I never, ever want to see another piece of matzah again. Back to Passover cleaning. Hope all of your houses…

The End of Maple?

We’re very tiny maple producers, and only on a home scale. I boil the syrup down on the back of our woodstove, and collect the syrup from old plastic buckets. Our operation is stone-age compared to our more serious neighbors. We don’t have much of a sugar bush – most of our land was open…