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Archives for April 24, 2013

There’s a great interview with Chris Nelder on why oil triumphalism is mistaken, and what that means for a whole host of things, including oil prices: P: Now what about prices? We’ve seen oil prices soar from around $40 per barrel in 2004 to $140 per barrel in 2008. And nowadays, prices in the $100…

How to Lay a Hedge

I’m working slowly on laid hedges around portions of our property, and did a little more this winter.  One of these days I’l have old fashioned hedges that are truly livestock tight and wildlife friendly. Check it out!    

Christine Ferber, Art, Obsession

Rod Dreher has an interesting post (building on a NYTimes article) about the glories of the art of confiture and why the obsessive creation of food-as-art is worth doing: When I went to Paris a year ago with my niece Hannah, I brought back some confiture by Christine Ferber. She makes some of the most prized jellies…