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Adoption Day!!!!!

More soon, but I can finally show you pictures of my whole family. We celebrated the adoption of Deniece, Rimonah, Judah, Malkiah and Hezekiah yesterday, to our incredible joy! I have professional pictures coming, and will do good ones of each individual child, but here’s the best one of the whole family so far. Thanks to my mother, who bought the color-coordinated purple clothes for all 10 kids months ahead – when we still didn’t know when there would be an adoption.

From left – Eli (16 in a few days), Me (43), Rimonah (6), Deniece (13), Malkiah (4), Eric (45), Kai (3), Judah (6), Isaiah (12), Asher (10), Zion (3 1/2), Simon (14)