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The Real Weather Report

Love this weather report Рcheck it out!  Of course it is time to fire up the barbecue! Sharon

The End of the World Is At Hand…

…My laundry pile was empty. I mean, empty. Nothing more to wash. This unprecedented state of affairs (in a working farm household with 6 people, four of them attracted to mud like magnets) didn’t last long – then Asher dumped his muddy socks on the floor and Eli took a bath and pushed the towel…

What Do Farmers Do for Fun?

Check out the celebrity cow tippers, of course. What else? Harrison Ford owns a property out by me and he’s out in the pastures ALL THE TIME. “Han Solo is messing with the cows again” is practically the neighborhood refrain. I swear. Sharon

I loved, loved, loved this video! Hysterical.

Wuv, Twue Wuv

Now that’s hot, baby! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Goat Humor

My fellow geeky Jewish goat-farmer Reb Deb sent me this, and I couldn’t resist posting it:

Best Front Page Ever

I try really hard to ignore the presidential election, I do, but this was too funny not to post! Yes, a hoax, but hey, shoulda been. Sharon

The Foster Parent Diet

Given that January is the season for regretting excesses and making new starts, I thought I’d offer Sharon’s patented formula for losing 10lbs fast – absolutely guaranteed to take off the weight like lightning.; Day 1: Spend most of the day getting ready for a weekend event – running errands, shopping at local markets, prepping…

Just watch, and understand why the death of what passed for culture in our youth is probably something we can bear with equanimity. Plus, the hair gave us a taste for the apocalyptic – the bangs are exactly what your hair will look like during a zombie attack. Sharon

Ben Bernanke has the answer. It is all your fault. Then he said something new: Consumers are depressed beyond reason or expectation. Oh, sure, there are reasons to be depressed, and the Fed chairman rattled them off: “The persistently high level of unemployment, slow gains in wages for those who remain employed, falling house prices,…