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UMASS Permaculture Garden

I got to see it back in November when I gave a talk to a class at UMASS – next time I go there I’m asking for payment in cuttings ;-). Neat videos of how it came together:

Low-Input Seed Starting

The first thing you need to remember is to think ahead, and bring in the compost before three feet of snow and ice lands on top of it. That was my big discovery two years ago, and like so many big discoveries was a. unpleasant and b. completely obvious – in retrospect. Living in a…

Garden Doom…No, Not Really

I wrote this post in 2008, which was one of my worst gardening years ever – I made the insane mistake of setting the deadline for _A Nation of Farmers_ for June 1, which meant I spent most of the planting season in front of my computer. But I knew I wasn’t the only one,…