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How to Milk a Goat

So you had babies, or are about to, right? Now you have to milk. It really, really helps to see it: We’re on baby goat watch here, and looking forward to the run of milk! Sharon

Little Goats in Cities

(Rubeus the cat meets Nigerian Dwarf Baby Meadowsweet last summer) Tuesday’s New York Times has an article on the expansion of miniature dairy goats in urban areas. It is an interesting article, and has some good points – among them it rightly points out that dairy goats are a bigger deal than chickens. That said,…

Goat Girl, or, The Milking Life

(Our new buckling, Cadfael, bred by our friends Jamey and Carol at Weathertop Farm (who are a great place to start if you are looking for little goats.) We arrived at their place recently about three minutes after he was born! Note: This is a repeat from last year, since we’ve got visitors and family…

On Chores

Chores sounds like such a dreary word, and until I moved to a farm, I would never have believed that I’d have anything positive to say about it. As a kid, I did chores around the house, and while I may have groused less about the dishes and cleaning gutters as an adult, I certainly…