The title of my Phd Thesis was:
Dynamics of Neutron Stars and Binaries in Globular Clusters
or, Ménages à trois: revitalizing burnt out degenerates through partner swapping

This was not the best PhD thesis title ever, by a long shot.
The sub-title was actually an “in-joke”, it was the working title of our Nature paper (Nature editors reserve the right to retitle papers for their audience, so a working title was good to have).

When I submitted, the sub-title was printed on the inside cover, and the Caltech Graduate Office, in a payback for many hours of Graduate Student Council liasion work, made sure the official title was in the library entry and that the commencement listing included the sub-title.

However, the best PhD thesis title I have seen was Mark Adler’s The persistence of charm in the relentless decay of beauty..
Cryptic, cute, accurate and succinct.

Anyone know of a better one?


  1. #1 ThePolynomial
    July 18, 2006

    I’d add the additional subtitle to your paper: “Would you like to swing with a star?”

  2. #2 Winawer
    July 18, 2006

    I don’t know…I’m fairly partial to my supervisor’s Honours Thesis title:

    “Parental consumption of nestling feces: good food or sound economics?”

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