iPod iChing – in the dark

Friday, and I need to pack up this computer and move in the next 4 hours.

So, oh mighty iPod one, we ask the The Serious Astronomy Question of the Week, having presciently disposed of Pluto last week…

So, iPod, d00d, wazzup with this Dark Matter shit?

Whoosh goes the randomizer.

#11 is Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’Connor, #12 is Waiting – Green Day. That’s kinda upbeat…

Hm. Lots of Talking Heads?! ?

“Strong and Warm and Wild and Free
Your Laws Do Not Apply To Me!”
– wise if the mighty iPod…

The Crown is “composing songs for each animal”;
The Root Nails it! “In off the crossbar that one…”
I like the Questioner – the iPod doth love me, her devout servant.
Then it gets kinda whacky, and the Outcome is ambiguous – suggests we’re missing something still.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

Body of Water

I will cross this body of water
If you promise you won’t try this at home

You’re where you want to be
Where am I, I’m up a tree
I had a hurt attack
Rolled away, now I’m bouncing back

Forgive me for feeling sick
I think I just got up too quick
Is this the consequence
Of an out of bed experience (of a whirlygig experience)[live version]

Where I’m from the sun don’t shine
We keeps the light on all the time
I walk upon the ground we dream about
You finding out about it now
But you are clever never to be found

Summer could take a hint
Seeing you in a floral print
Oh, to become a pearl
In the wordy world of the Cornflake Girl