Pale Blue Dot III.0

Cassini reminds us of home. It is a very pretty picture…


Spot Earth in there?

Pale Blue Dot.

PS – this is from within the solar syste,.
To do the same for a terrestrial planet around another star is million times harder and 10 billion times fainter.
On the other hand the Cassini camera is small and the Earth is resolved in the image.


  1. #1 Stephen
    September 20, 2006

    Yes. And when i enlarge the image, i can just make out myself hunched over the telescope looking at Saturn. Cassini’s camera is wonderful!

  2. #2 Frank Hatch
    January 19, 2010

    Like a Pale-Blue-Dot Barbarian, I’m swinging a broad sword between Atheism and Rational Religion…

    …Oops…I may have hit an innocent bystander. Sorry about that, Stephen. I enjoyed your sense of humor. It is my prayer that my bloody mess will be sorted out.

    As I was saying (i.e., sword hacking), dialectical logic is used in Atheism and Rational Religion [e.g., Determinism, Islamism, Pantheism, Evolutionism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc… “My name is Legion; for we are many” (Mark 5:9)].

    The atheist takes pride in being an elemental force and separating itself from a life available. It calls this obsession, “objectivity.” In fact, it is only suicide.

    The atheist needs to pretend to know the thesis and antithesis to worship the Pale-Blue-Dot synthesis – the Ideal Rational Religion for “smart people.” As a Christian, I don’t need to be so smart.

    The atheist can not collect facts either explicitly or implicitly. Whatever it collects is irrelevant. As a determinist, the atheist is simply a physiochemical reaction controlled by its environment.

    The atheist, however, can appear to collect something by restricting itself to a linear time sequence. The atheist implicitly collects “facts” by implicitly claiming to be honest. But the atheist can’t be honest. The atheist is dead. By its own definition, it is the same as its environment. Like the Pale-Blue-Dot pantheist, the atheist can only worship itself. It has no standard but itself.

    Since a Christian Life can be contagious, many of my Pale-Blue-Dot comments are quarantined on as Troll comments. Since the atheism delusion is difficult to maintain, atheists are very sensitive to opposing information. Not long ago, I would have been called a “pamphleteer.” Now, I’m called a “spammer.” If I’m not right about the information I’m pushing, I must be a very nasty person, and I should hide my bloody sword.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch

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