High School Sex Networks

Bee at Backreaction points to a use for graph theory

The topology of the High School Romance/Sexual network is interesting.
I’m a little bit surprised by the structure, and assume that the disconnected branches are real, and not illustrating sub-structure of the main graph.
I would have expected more tree like connection between the main side branches, not a ring topology.

I also assume the left out the isolated points and points that connect only to other networks…

BUT, there is at least one flaw – if the structure is romance, rather than physical sexual connection, then the graphs ought to be directional.

I suspect that an honest romance network with uni and bidirectional graphs would look quite different.

I suspect Bee is also correct in inferring dishonest reporting based on the sparseness of the homosexual links.

Of course it gets better when you go to College


  1. #1 Flyspeck
    April 2, 2007

    Things get complicated as guys tend to overreport and girls tend to underreport. Apparently some guys can convince themselves they made it with a girl, instead of only wished they had, and some girls can convince themselves some couplings never happened.

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