spitting jewels


  1. #1 Pat Durrell
    October 15, 2007

    Interesting…intergalactic gemology? I suppose we can take the proposed output of rubies and sapphires and convert it to a monetary equivalent. Data mining, indeed.

  2. #2 Cuttlefish
    October 15, 2007

    Once upon a time, the rainbow’s end
    Is where a leprechaun would hide his gold
    Then Newton showed us how a glass would bend
    A beam of light–a rainbow we behold!

    This bending light is what allows, today,
    A view of distant galaxies and more
    The start of time itself is on display
    And lifetimes’ worth of treasures to explore.

    These treasures, it now seems, include real jewels
    When quasar jets spit rubies and sapphires;
    From Newton’s prism, oh what wondrous tools
    Expose a treasure passing all desires

    The rainbow’s gold’s forgotten; this is real:
    A myth discarded, treasures may reveal!


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