KITP: what I learned

So what did I learn…

Flying fish make great “rationality tokens”

  • Multiple Populations are probably real and a problem.
    I owe Bob, Jay, Chris and others an apology, they’ve been saying this for decades…

  • Intermediate Mass Black Holes are Important and Interesting.
    But, we need to calm down a little bit about them.

  • We don’t understand as much as we used to.
  • Δ Y?

  • Somebody Really Really Really needs to go and compile a HST level quality, homogenous catalog of globular cluster parameters etc
    Existing catalogs rely too much on heterogenous, largely pre-CCD data
    This could be the most cited paper of all time in stellar astronomy
    ie it’d get about 4.7% of the number of cites of the average “new model for dark energy” paper…

  • I should have paid attention when people talked about 2nd Dredge-Up…
  • I don’t know nearly enough about Systematic Errors in Finite Aperture High Precision Photometry.
    But I will.

Do NOT mess with Alison…


DUCK Melvyn!


  1. #1 Alison
    April 9, 2009

    Laine says, “Good job, Goldie!”

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