Blog Your Way to the South Pole

Quark Expeditions are running a competition to send your favourite blogger to Antarctica… you too can vote.

Nah, not for me, can’t get rid of me that easily.

There are, currently, 613 entries – people who volunteered to go south and blog about the experience.

The competition closes on September 30th, and, realistically, it is down to the four most popular entries – many of the bloggers with large numbers of votes, but who are out of the top few, are now asking people to switch votes to one of their favourite top candidates.

Luis, Kristina, GrrlScientist and Don.

Yes, that is Sb‘s very own GrrlScientist in the 3rd spot.

Go vote, if you care to do such things, and contemplate that GrrlScientist is an actual scientist who will bring some interesting perspective to the whole trip.
While she may fail to bobsled down Mr Erebus; not be amazed that somethings are, like you know, just like in the books; nor give anatomical details on how it feels to have a penguin bite you in the ass (penguin’s don’t have teeth, silly), she is likely to write informative, well written and sassy posts on how it is down under, with bonus extra photos.

Only if you vote.

If… Comment is Free

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