Its the Santa Signal!
Get the Sled, and Rudolph, fast!

Or, a spontaneous study of how many people have cell phones with video capability and fast reflexes!

Nice pictures and videos!

From altaposten.no – click to embiggen

altaposten.no story – in Norwegian, natch

From NRK.no – with video – good video

Daily Mail in the UK has a good photo and video collection

This brought out the UFOfans and conspiracy theorists, what with Obama heading for Scandinavia for the Nobel festivities.

Youtube video summarizing story, with several views and videos.

Youtube summary of pictures and videos from local sources by local.
It is a rocket, btw.

Best guess is that it was a ballistic missile test by the Russians in the White Sea north of Norway, and that the stage tumbled.

The Russians are officially denying any rocket launches, much less any that went wrong, but they also issued an advisory to ships in the White Sea about missile testing Dec 7-10.

NRK says they have now confirmed it was a Bulava class ballistic missile launched from a sub.

Either that, or the Martians are arriving and giant tripods with heat rays will soon stalk Tromsö and Narvik.
Makes sense, North Norway in winter would make a much more hospitable beachhead for a Martian Invasion than either South England or New England…

h/t Universe Today


  1. #1 Mindy
    December 9, 2009

    It was obviously the result of the first collisions at LHC. The sky show will be amazing once they get up to full luminosity…

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