AAS: tidbits

assorted bits of stuff from AAS, or that I was reminded of at the meeting

Astro Better – interesting blog/wiki/tweetnode
I’d noticed them before, mostly because they assimilated the Astro Rumour Mill, but hadn’t really taken in what they were doing till I saw their AAS poster on monday
Wish they’d frontpage the Rumour Mill – have to dig down a bit to find it

Scott Ransom delivered a very good Warner Prize lecture, it was the first time I had heard Time correctly described as a Helix of Something Sparkly or Another…

Sloan Survey has put out Data Release 8, with a mega mosaic image:

composite picture with caption (click to embiggen)

Northern galactic hemisphere


Southern galactic hemisphere

large and zoomable
press release

Planck put out its cold source catalog.

pretty! click to embiggen