iPod iChing: inconstant Hubble

As the Hubble deadline slips away, later than ever, we ask the Mighty iPod One the question whose answer we all must know:

Oh, Mighty iPod One: what will come out of Hubble for cycle 19?

Whoosh goes the iPod.

  • The Covering: Deep Dark Truthful Mirror – Elvis Costellor
  • The Crossing: O Isis und Osiris – Mozart
  • The Crown: Richard – Billy Bragg
  • The Root: Carnival of the Animals: Aviary
  • The Past: I’m on Fire – Johnny Cash
  • The Future: Interlude VI – Mannheim Steamroller
  • The Questioner: Oksn – Ruth Rubin
  • The House: Ten Little Fish – Twin Sisters
  • The Inside: The Obvious Child – Paul Simon
  • The Outcome: Accountancy Shanty – Monty Python

Covering is deep.
Crossing: incest and resurrection…
The Crown is deeply meaningful: does every α-particle really hide a Neon nucleus?
And, is it 20Ne?

Past: ooh yeah, you took us higher, we were so on fire!

The Future: an interlude. Oh dear.

The Questioner: er anyone know what that song is about – sounds cool…
– ah, google books to the rescue:

Hob Ich A Por Oksn: apparently nonsensical, but…
“…all the characters as well as the tasks assigned to them fit properly into the Eastern European Jewish Environment: oxen chopping noodles… kittens baking cookies.”
Ok, that works.

The House: oh dear, this is the toddlers take on “100 bottles…” – one by one the little fish give up…

We had a little fun
we had a little money…

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

The Outcome:

we are so doomed…


  1. #1 E
    February 25, 2011

    You only thought it slipped away. The newest email says no earlier than 3 PM EST tomorrow, and presumably it could slip later.

  2. #2 HP
    February 26, 2011

    Tarot was the last illusion I clung to before becoming a rational humanist. I always check out iPod iChing, but today was particularly juicy.

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